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CDC Updated Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine While Pregnant or Breastfeeding. Download this guidance for more details.

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Consumer Corner provides helpful information for individuals and families.

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Starting prenatal care early can help you have a healthy baby. Download this brochure to learn how to get started.

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Be Smart Be Healthy Checklist

DID YOU KNOW? Here are some good health tips to live by:

  • PREVENT OR CONTROL DIABETES. Especially if you have family members with diabetes, watch what you eat and get good exercise on most days.

  • WATCH YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE. Stroke and heart problems are related to high blood pressure. Keep yours under control.

  • GET TO A HEALTHY WEIGHT. Being under or overweight can make you sick in many different ways. Eating right and moving more helps get your weight under control.

  • DOUCHING IS NOT HEALTHY! You can get infections, cause pregnancy problems and irritate your body. A good shower can make you just as confident.

  • PRACTICE WELLNESS. Make healthy choices every day by eating well, exercising more, reducing stress, and getting health checkups often.

  • SMOOTH OUT STRESS. Worry, anger and depression aren’t healthy for anyone, especially if you are pregnant or caring for a family. Work out what’s bothering you and ask for help.

  • DON’T FORGET YOUR TEETH. Especially if you are pregnant, healthy teeth and gums are important. Brushing and flossing your teeth are good habits to teach your children, too.

  • UNDERSTAND THE MEDICAL JARGON.  Learn how to advocate for yourself and your family with your medical provider.

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