Family & Parenting

GWTW offers comprehensive in-home and group parenting training for enrolled participants. GWTW Elements of Parenting uses an interactive approach to teach each lesson and parents become involved in their own learning experience. During each session, parents:

  • Are writing ideas and processing thoughts regarding their own parenting experiences as children, then comparing those experiences to how they themselves are parenting.

  • Are populating their own parenting guide with coping strategies and skills learned.

Parenting topics include but are not limited to: parenting and myths about parenting, challenges every parent faces, temperament (yours and your child’s), how a child develops, realistic behavioral and developmental expectation, parenting styles, the difference between punishment and discipline, and a host of other topics are covered. All parenting sessions are pre- and post-tested for assessment of knowledge of acquisition. Topic areas are explored with the parent with the ultimate goal being to empower them through interactive training/education to support positive physical, intellectual, emotional and social well being of their child from infancy to adulthood.

GWTW also processes with consumers plans for future pregnancy. Each participant–whether they are pregnant, has had a child or has never been pregnant–completes a Reproductive Plan with the GWTW staff. The Reproductive Plan allows the woman to think through ideas such as when would be a good time to have a baby, where do they see themselves two years down the road, how would an unplanned pregnancy affect their plans, etc.